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D’CENT Wallet Monthly Report — July 2022

D’CENT Monthly report — July 2022

Hello D’CENT Fam!👋

Month of July has ended and here is the summary of the work completed over the month. If you’ve missed any of our announcements in July, please check out the links below to keep up-to-date on the latest news.

Summary of July, 2022

You can now connect D’CENT wallet with the Metamask extension using the QR code protocol for accessing decentralized web on the personal computing environment.

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1inch DEX aggregator has been integrated in D’CENT Wallet as a built-in SWAP service with custom UI/UX for easy and secure way to swap thousands of token assets.

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Cosmos Network, an ecosystem designed to connect blockchain networks has been integrated with D’CENT Wallet. D’CENT users can now easily add and manage $ATOM asset, the native currency that powers the Cosmos Network.

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We’ve extended the built-in SWAP service to support Fantom Network. With this integration, thousands of Fantom based token assets (marked FTM-ERC20) can be swapped directly within D’CENT Wallet.

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D’CENT Wallet is created by IoTrust, a company founded by security experts with over 15 years of security know-how and engineering experience in developing deeply embedded security solutions based on secure-chip technology (SE and TEE). D’CENT Wallet aims to protect users’ digital assets by combining software and hardware security solutions. Users have the choice of using the Biometric Wallet, Card type Wallet, or the Software Wallet.

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D’CENT Wallet is a new generation of über convenient cold storage tools that take the worry out of managing digital asset wealth.

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