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D’CENT Wallet now supports QR-based protocol to link with MetaMask!

D’CENT — Metamask QR based protocol — wallet connection

In the latest release of the D’CENT Wallet, we are excited to announce the integration of MetaMask QR-based protocol.

MetaMask is a wallet used in various DApp sites by supporting EVM blockchains. In addition to its own account, the MetaMask supports a QR-based protocol for linking with accounts in hardware wallets.

D’CENT Wallet — MetaMask QR-based integration

When D’CENT Wallet is connected with MetaMask, the role of the MetaMask is to simply provide user interface for the users to interact while on the decentralized web. The communication between the MetaMask and D’CENT Wallet occurs only via the QR code transmission where the D’CENT address is provided to the MetaMask, so that it can perform address lookup on the blockchain network to display the account information.

While synchronized with MetaMask via the QR-based protocol, D’CENT Wallet is never physically nor non-physically(via Bluetooth) connected with a computer, thus the user’s private keys are safely stored kept isolated from the internet at all times.

How to use D’CENT Wallet with MetaMask

Fully detailed instructions on how to connect D’CENT Wallet with MetaMask using QR-based protocol can be found in the D’CENT User Guide below.

D’CENT USER GUIDE (MetaMask QR-based)

Minimum Requirements

MetaMask QR-based function is supported by both the Biometric Wallet and App Wallet(Software) mode.

D’CENT Biometric Wallet
Firmware version 2.19.7 or higher

D’CENT Mobile App
Android (5.16.1 or higher)
iOS (5.16.2 or higher)

✅ Your computer must be equipped with a camera to use the QR-based MetaMask function.

[About D’CENT Wallet]

D’CENT Wallet is created by IoTrust, a company founded by security experts with over 15 years of security know-how and engineering experience in developing deeply embedded security solutions based on secure-chip technology (SE and TEE). D’CENT Wallet aims to protect users’ digital assets by combining software and hardware security solutions. Users have the choice of using the Biometric Wallet, Card type Wallet, or the Software Wallet.

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