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Giving back to the DigiByte Community with D’CENT Wallet

We are proud and honored to announce D’CENT Wallet is now an official Affiliate of the DigiByte Foundation. At D’CENT Wallet, we want to give back to the DigiByte Foundation to help facilitate and support the growth of all DigiByte communities.

We can make a difference together!

When you purchase a D’CENT Biometric wallet, we will donate $15 to the DigiByte Foundation under your name. Your small changes can make a big change, together we can shape a brighter future for all DigiByters!

Important instructions:

Purchase your D’CENT Biometric Wallet from the link:
D’CENT Wallet Shop

After receiving your hardware wallet, please email us (contact@iotrust.kr) with the subject (DigiByte Donate) and provide the following information.
Required Information:
1) Purchased From (ie: D’CENT Legacy, Amazon USA, eBay, … etc.)
2) Purchase Date
3) Photo of Serial Number from the packaging box
4) Your name (optional)

Example of Serial Number (located on the back of the packaging box)

Important Note: If you fail to provide all the required information, we will not be able to donate to the DigiByte Foundation.



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D’CENT Wallet

D’CENT Wallet

The über convenient multi crypto wallet with native dApp browser for Game, NFT, DeFi, and more. (https://dcentwallet.com) / (https://iotrust.kr)