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Notification: BCHA airdrop as a result of Bitcoin Cash hard fork

On November 15, 2020, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork has been completed.

From the hard fork process, the BCHN node received high support and thus inherited the BCH symbol, and the BCHABC node became a new coin, BCHA. As a result, customers who’ve held BCH in the D’CENT wallet prior to the hard fork will receive Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) as airdrop.

How to check airdropped BCHA asset

D’CENT team will be releasing a new wallet update which will support creation of BCHA wallet account.

How to check the BCHA asset:
1. Update your D’CENT mobile app to the latest version.
Android App (v4.2.4)
iPhone App (v4.3.1)

2. Update the firmware on Biometric wallet to the latest version (v2.4.3).
For detailed instruction on how to update the firmware please click here.

3. Add a BCHA account in the D’CENT mobile app.

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash network stability issues

(As of November 20, 2020)
Sending and Receiving is restricted due to the unstable BCH and BCHA blockchain networks. We are constantly checking the stability of the BCH and BCHA blockchain networks, we will be lifting the Sending and Receiving restriction when the network stability has been confirmed.



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