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Dcoin will list MIV/USDT on September 16

Dear Dcoin Users,

Dcoin will list MIV/USDT on September 16. Details are as follows:

  • Deposit time

Deposit will be available from 2021/9/15 7:00 (UTC)

  • Trading time

MIV/USDT trading pair will be open at 2021/9/16 7:00 (UTC)

  • Withdrawal time

Withdrawal will be available from 2021/9/17 7:00 (UTC)

Project Introduction

Project name: MINERVA

Token symbol: MIV

While utilizing blockchain and Minerva tokens as a means for payment, Minerva is additionally providing traditional businesses the opportunity to purchase packages with fiat when available at a higher premium price that can be used for Token buyback from the circulating supply of tokens. The goal of providing this option is to ease the onboarding of larger brands that would be less interested or lack the know how to purchase cryptocurrencies off an exchange.Details


White Paper

Risk Note: Compared with general financial investment assets, the market for digital assets may change dramatically as speculative demand and the restrictive environment. Even if there is a loss, the responsibility for judging the investment of the digital asset will be vested in the investor himself. Please do not invest blindly, and be careful in your judgment.

Dcoin Global Operation Team

September 13, 2021

Join us

Telegram(Official) : https://t.me/dcoinofficial

Telegram(Event) : https://t.me/dcoin_event

Twitter : https://twitter.com/dcoinexchange

Medium : https://medium.com/dcoin-exchange

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dcoin-exchange/




Official blog of Dcoin exchange. We provide a platform for reliable management of your assets with a robust security system.

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Dcoin is a blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange. We provide a platform for reliable management of your assets with a robust security system.

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