Move your fingers and easily earn 5000 coins!!

What is the world currency? If you play games, I’ll give them away!

Just finished “Playing Game to Send LOCUS”

Dcoin has opened a new wave

Playing games and giving money free of charge

You’re afraid you’re suspicious: Is the boss crazy?

Such activities are probably rare in the exchange circle.

Don’t be too busy and exciting. Attention should be paid to the qualifications.

Only new users registered in 2019!!!

Don’t use lean blue mushrooms. There are many activities. This time does not match. Next time.

At present, Dcoin has held three times to participate in the small game coin delivery activities.

The first was a tree-cutting game, rewarding up to 10 times as much as TMTG.

An uncle with an axe chopped down trees by controlling the left and right buttons. The more chopped, the higher the score.

As shown in the figure:

The second is the game of dodging bullets and eating coins.

Having eaten all the money, we can start the next round.

The award is 2.88 times the highest LOCUS

It looks simple, but it’s difficult.

As shown in the figure:

The third game is satellite launching, launching satellites revolving around the planet to eat coins.

The more you eat, the higher the score.

If the launch goes awry, it’s dead.

The highest 10 times TKY is waiting for you to take it.

Award capping can get 5000 TKY!!!

As shown in the figure:

At present, the highest score is 1400.

You can play if you are qualified for the competition.

Computer and mobile phones can be operated! It depends on what kind of play you play.

Interested pot friends can view the rules of the game by following links into the telegraph group

Dcoin official telegram group:

The game can only be played in the telegraph group.

Remember to register the Dcoin Exchange account first.

With the coming of the New Year of 2019, Dcoin’s activities emerge in endlessly.

There are also year-round activities — invite friends, Commission 105%

Don’t miss it! There’s always one for you.

Finally, Dcoin wishes all the participants a “Golden List Title”.