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Record of Dcoin AMA (YFO)

Here’s the record of AMA (YFO project) recently held in Dcoin community.

Yearn Finance One” (YFIONE) is a community driven DeFi-project. The YFiONE Vision is to build several decentralized financial applications (Defi — Apps) and then develop these products into full fledged project thereby increasing the value of the YFiONE ecosystem.

Q:Colud you please make a brief introduction about YFO and yourself ?

A:Yea of course

My name is Max Linx- project management of YFIONE project.

I over see to it that YFiONE succeeds.

Infact my mission is to make sure YFO ends up as successful

I do my best to make sure YFiONE project attains greatness.

One of those ways is talking about YFiONE like on this AMA and other initiatives. And i also manage both the YFiONE team and products to make sure everything is in order.

Before diving into what YFiONE is,

first, we need to know what Defi means.

Decentralized Finance (or simply DeFi) refers to an ecosystem of financial applications that are built on top of the blockchain network.

Now what’s YFiONE?

“Yearn Finance + One”

YFIONE is a community driven DeFi-project, orchestrated in building several decentralized products with the aim of producing real Defi values to improve the YFIONE ecosystem.

YFIONE dedicates its efforts to systematically produce new Defi fledged products in One ecosystem to exponentially increase its value, growths and use case.

Imagine more than 1000 decentralized application linked to one Ecosystem powered by one Defi token (The YFO)

So YFiONE in that sense is bringing real value to yield farming. It’s synonymous to venture capital by empowering the decentralized interest-free financial ecosystem, with the aim to distribute revenues as profit shares (rewards) to the stakeholders. DVC ( Decentralized Venture Capital)

All YFIONE products will be linked to YFO Token to achieve the goal of the true meaning of decentralized finance

This ecosystem will be extremely large and continually grow into a completely decentralized system, that is the true meaning of Defi which YFiONE is bringing.


Q:What are the challenges YFO is facing? Your plan to overcome those difficulties?

A:Currently, YFO hasn’t gotten or face any major challenge. We are moving and going according to our envisioned plans and having a great community at our back to spice it up

Q:Can you list some of YFO outstanding uniqueness features for everyone here to know about?

A:$YFO token will be the only ONE token that can be used to access our numerous DEFI products

The YFiONE project is here to bust the bubble and hype around defi and set its own trends and paradigm.

YFO will be applied to solve problems in many verticals and industries like

- Defi based DEX Development.

- Decentralized insurance

- Decentralized insurance applications.

- Decentralized staking platform.

- Cryptocurrency Wallet App.

- DeFi based lending/borrowing Platform.

Q:Who will have the final say in development and business decisions?

A:The team are responsible for the code development but for the fact that YFO is a governance token, the team listens to the YFiONE community to apply and implement their decisions through proposal voting .

Q:Who is YFO’s biggest competitor? What are the strengths to compete with them?

A:$YFO competition is our numerous products.We want to make our own products better and easy to use. We want to give a chance to non CRYPTO USERS too to benefit and leverage off the full potentials of DEFI. And building the right and seamlessly product is paramount to achieve this feat.

Our competitors are our own products we are bringing in to our users…. no other competitors because all defi are unique in their own separate ways.

So the more we make this products easy to use and different. The more tractions and visibility we gain from more users, medias and communities.

Q:Lots of the new projects have rug-pulled or exit scam,

How can you assure your users YFO is safe, secured and can be trusted ?

A:First our code is public and safe.

Secondly we’ve partnered with more than 6 top exchanges and thirdly, this exchanges have showed back cooperation through announcements on their website.

We can’t waste money for partnerships with ferrumnetwork, Bitkeep, StateofthedApp, exchanges and so on partnerships if we are scammers right?

So our focus is on building a better Defi products. we are 100% legit and ready to take over the world of DEFI with the help of the community and that’s you.

(This is not an investment advice, kindly do your own research before investing on crypto projects) Thank you.

Q:Why is YFiONE better for developers to build DeFi products in comparison with other platforms?

A:$YFO is an erc20 and the Ethereum smartcontract makes it safe for use to build and scale with a safe auditsif codes by bug hunters.

Q:What are the revenue and business model of YFO ?

A:We are still in discussion of the APY and ROI but with what i have seen so far, the returns are quite huge.

We are making a huge partnership with a big exchanges and announcing a huge event that hasn’t happened in defi. This will increase the YFiONE tractions, help us with more funds and then the core Yfione team can finalize the %return profit for our investors and communities.

We are not rushing to do things, rather we are putting together a better way to serve the community and give back hugely.

Q:What are the obstacles you need to pass to became one of the best in crypto space and gain peoples trust?

A:We have already passed that stage as community and users already given us 100% of their trust.

Our Focus is on not letting the community down and delivery our promises as mentioned.

A:Are YFO a global project?

Q:Yes, we have Vietnamese, French and Chinese community at the moment, with more communities coming soon after Presale

Q:i think we will pay attention to safety issues

A:Yes about safety issues.

“A saying goes that to achieve the best of things, you will need the best of teams”

We have the best tech team every tech project can ask of, we have onboarded dedicated and qualified devs who are not driven by monetary value but derived happiness from the success of YFIONE. So with the enthusiasm from our developers, be rest assured security won’t be a threat.

To add that…….

Even with our qualified tech team and support, we place great interest, values on security which is why we will be allocating some marketing funds to even employ bug hunters to check for vulnerabilities on our smartcontract….which we know bugs won’t be found because our team will always perform several audits to the contract but yet we still give it out to bug hunters to audit for trust sake and to avert any possible threats.


A:We are currently pegged to ETH Atm. Can’t say when we get listed

1 YFO = 0.15 ETH

Listing 0.25 ETH.

Q:how to prevent dumping?

A:The team lock their funds till five (5) months, only development funds will be use ONLY FOR DEVELOPMENTS.

With that said, the community and investors has the YFO And should be responsible to not sell YFO very cheap but take it to the moon

Q:Is YFO now in the pre-sale stage?

A:Yes! in its last phase of Presale.

We sold our first stage within 2 hours

Q:What is YFO’s future plan? Become the leader of defi?

A:More than just being a leader.

YFO is here to make defi easy to use and return high yield to investors and holders of YFO.



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