Now you can hire drone directly through Facebook!

At Drone Employee we are constantly looking for ways to make the use of drones easy for everybody. With our software, you can create anything from a drone selfie base to a complex delivery network. And now you can hire drone just by texting to it directly.

Today we are announcing our Facebook Bot —

This feature allows you to request a drone service directly from you Facebook Messenger. When there are drones available in your area you can text directly to one of them and command it to fly to you or to other specified location!

You don’t have to fly the drone manually anymore. You don’t have to hustle with the complex mission set up process every time you want to launch a drone. Now you hire drone! Just send a command to your drone via Facebook and it will perform it according to requirements you specified. Just like a human employee would!

How do I hire drone employee via Facebook?

Drone Employee uses an air traffic control system based on blockchain technology to allow autonomous flight. But it is extremely easy to use Drone Employee. Here are 4 simple steps to order a drone through Facebook:

Step 1. Search for our Facebook bot

Business owners can use our bot — — to connect to a network of other drone owners OR they can create their own bot for just 15 minutes so that the business has a branded interface.

After that, your customers and employees can use standard Messenger interface to search for the bot and start sending commands directly to your drones.

Step 2. Type /hire command to receive the list of available drones

Step 3. Choose the destination for the drone to fly.

Depending on the way the drones were set up initially you can either choose from predetermined destination points or choose ones manually.

Step 4. The drone takes off automatically and flies to do its job!

It is really that simple! As a business owner, you want your drones to generate value for you instead of being yet another problem to worry about. Drone Employee software can automate your drone operations no matter what drone you use.

Learn how to use this feature in your business: