Drone Employee at ReadWrite conference: When IoT meets AI

Artificial intelligence conference

On June 28th, ReadWrite and Western Digital hosted an event in San Jose named, “When IoT Met AI: The intelligence of things.”

Drone Employee received a demo table for the event. We were able to meet executives from companies like Western Digital, Accenture, Tata Communications and many others along with entrepreneurs who shape the future of IoT. We wanted to share the insights we learned

Keynote Speaker

The keynote speaker was Thomas Stuermer, the Global Managing Director of Ecosystems Partnerships at Accenture. He gave a talk about how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping the internet of things (IoT). Data continues to be generated at extraordinary rates. However, AI is something that helps to unlock the potential of this data. The most astonishing fact was that a single autonomous car will generate 5 terabytes a day from only 1 hour of driving. That is 80 times the capacity that we have on a smartphone.

Panel discussion

Next, there was a panel of leading tech engineers and directors related to the AI industry. There were discussions of what stage of AI we are currently in. Even with a large amount of data collected and the advancements we made, it is still at an early stage. The major question is whether we actually need all the data we can collect or we should analyse it first before we hoard all of it on the server.

Sometimes, it is about the quality of data and not the quantity of data. Many businesses may not need the pinpoint accuracy of eye-tracking capabilities. Instead, they would suffice with splitting the surface into areas for a simpler measurement.

The panel mentioned distributed computing as the way to cope with the big data. At Drone Employee we believe that distributed computing is an inevitable step of development for the future of technology industry in general. For example, we suggest to use distributed computing to create a global Unmanned Traffic Management system which can effectively regulate millions of flights the drones will perform in the following years.

Demo room

Autonomous drone co-founder

Following the panel, Drone Employee had the opportunity to mingle with the audience at the event. We talked, shared ideas and our vision of hiring drones as employees.

Thank you ReadWrite and Western Digital for hosting this event and giving us this opportunity. We’d also like to thank those of you who showed interest in Drone Employee and came to talk to us at our booth.