Drone Employee at RED UAS, Sweden

We presented Drone Employee at the RED UAS International Workshop in Linkoping, Sweden. It is one of the major conferences in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Flight Management Systems development. Aleksandr, co-founder of Drone Employee, presented the article about Blockchain-based protocol of autonomous business activity for multi-agent systems consisting of UAVs.

Brief summary of our presentation

This presentation describes a method of organizing the communication protocol, which allows agents (in our case — drones!) of the multiagent system (the drone market) to make decisions about their actions.

We focus on solving the problem of drones (or any autonomous robot) participating in business processes among people, where their activities are organized in an unreliable and unknown environment. We propose to organize the communication system between the agents on this market via a peer-to-peer network using the decentralized Ethereum Blochchain and smart contracts.

Photos from the conference: