Drone Employee demos an interface for Carbon Footprint Program Operator

We are happy to present a demo of an interface for Drone Inspector service!

A few months ago we have tested an autonomous environmental monitoring service with a DJI Matrice drone. At that time the drone was launched from a command line interface and was just the first example of the full service.

Air quality inspection with autonomous drones

Today we have the first version of an interface for a Carbon Footprint Program Operator. Using this interface the Operator will be able to choose inspection coordinates or upload them automatically.

These coordinates form an Ask request for the Drone Inspector. When the drone base sees this demand it replies with a Bid request offering its services. Our software sees the match and creates a Smart Contract automatically recording the liability of the drone.

When the Smart Contract is verified in Ethereum network the drone takes off and goes to the location to perform the environmental inspection. The drone takes multiple measurements over an area to make sure that the measurements are consistent. It then uploads the data to IPFS p2p network where Carbon Footprint Program Operator can access this data immediately which means that the mission is successfully finished and the drone gets paid automatically.

We are proud to work with DAO IPCI team to bring a robust solution to regulate natural capital markets. The use of autonomous drones powered by Drone Employee’s software allows collecting accurate information about air quality in specific locations and times to automate carbon markets, environmental assets, and liabilities!

At Drone Employee we believe that drones are capable of significantly improving the quality of life in smart cities by providing timely data. Drone Inspector product is a great example!