Technical Overview of Drone Photographer

“Close-up of colorful lines of code on a computer screen” by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Today we want to give you a brief overview of the parts that Drone Employee product consists of. The product includes a number of containers each performing a separate function. The video shows how these containers work together to enable a fully autonomous drone filming service. Note that the data is transferred through the intranet stack of Docker.

Drone Master Messenger

This is the main container that controls all internal and external interactions. The key role of this container is to connect the end user with the unmanned aerial vehicle. In the video we can see the log of this container and the way commands from the remote client are running. We used Facebook Messenger for this demonstration, but Drone Employee also supports Telegram messenger!

Drone Adapter Mavlink

This container includes the mechanisms of interaction with the unmanned vehicle through ROS Mavlink. In this test, we can see the information from the UAV: status, mission control, task execution control.

Drone Recorder

It is an additional module for providing video recording functionality. This product uses the camera API with a set of functions, namely: enable/disable recording, retrieve information about the camera’s file system, download the video from the camera. In the current test, this module is used to control the external GoPro camera and provides full functionality.