Drone Employee took part in the Nordic UAS Event 2016

Nordic UAS Event 16 exhibition

Nordic UAS Event 2016 was held in Odense Congress Center, Denmark on June 1–3. There was more than 50 participants and 1500+ attendees. UAV manufacturers demonstrated their new products, participants discussed the future of UAS in Northern Europe and shared their achievements with attendees of the exhibition.

For us it was a good opportunity to get acquainted with the rapidly developing UAS industry in Northern Europe, get some contacts for possible future cooperation, as well as to discuss our software with UAV manufactures and owners.

Those of you who have been following our updates since December 2015 know we started with building interactions between a human and a robot without paying intermediaries and robot control operators. By April 2016 we realized that Drone Employee is more promising and scalable project. Nowadays we deployed decentralized network based on Ethereum Blockchain technology. It provides the capability for your drones to become economically independent agent by using smart contracts.

Our goal for this exhibition was to show benefits of using this network for suppliers of UAVs and companies using drones. As a result, we have received valuable feedback from companies that provide video broadcasts from drones and logistics between warehouses at Walmart example.

We thank Nordic UAS Event organizers and all those, who were able to come and see us at our booth and Alexander Kapitonov’s speech at one of the Speaker’s Corner.