How you can benefit from using Drone Employee?

There are two major types of drone market participants:

  1. Business owners who want to offer drone services
  2. End users who need these services.

But supply chain of a drone service is actually a little more complex. We organize drone supply chain using blockchain technology to make it safe and easy for everybody to use drones. There are multiple ways how you can participate in the Drone Employee network.

Supply chain in Drone Employee Network

Business owners = Automation

A lot of business owners identified the benefits of using drones. With Drone Employee they don’t need to operate them!

The drone is fully autonomous in navigation, collecting data and accepting payments. You set it up once and then all you have to do is maintain your drone employee in working condition.

End users = Simplicity

People want to have aerial videos of themselves doing sports or traveling. Companies want to increase situational awareness by constantly having an eye in the sky. They want a simple service!

We offer them an easy interface to get it. Customers can just use a familiar messenger like Facebook or Telegram to order a drone service from a nearby business owner through our bot.

Service companies = Open access to market

As the number of drones grows the service business becomes more attractive. As any machine, a drone needs to be checked every once in a while.

Through Drone Employee service companies can get direct access to their clients. And because drones are autonomous, in the long term they can even come to you for a regular check-up themselves!

Regulators = Security

The main goal of regulators all over the world is to integrate drone traffic in country’s airspace safely. They need to ensure that drones will not interfere with airplanes or helicopters and will not fly in restricted areas.

Within Drone Employee every drone validates the route via blockchain-backed air traffic controller so that regulator can always know the identity, destination, and route of every drone in any particular moment.

Airspace service providers = Unified protocol

Currently, thousands of dispatches control the airspace in a decentralized manner. What do we do when millions of drones start to fly all over our cities? We scale the existing approach.

With Drone Employee you can become an air traffic controller yourself. You just need to scan the topography map of your local area. Our software uses it to assign safe routes to drones in the area. You get paid for every route you approve.

As you can see there are plenty of ways you can benefit from using Drone Employee. And the concept of drone automation brings more opportunities to get involved than traditional pilot/client approach.

Commercial drone operations need automation, scalability, and transparency. And that is exactly what Drone Employee offers!