SimLabs <> Drone Employee

Exciting new partnership announcement

We are thrilled to announce we have partnered with SimLabs to bring accurate route planning relying on physically-correct models.

About Simlabs

SimLabs is a developer of smart software solutions with expertise in Air Traffic Management and development of wide variety of simulation and training projects (aircrafts, marine vessels, ground vehicles, integrated virtual environments, crisis management, etc), industrial control systems as well as various research and development projects.

SimLabs team has more than 15 years of simulation experience. Over the years, they have participated in the creation of a large number of various simulators and training projects.

What do we plan to achieve together?

Simlabs technologies will be used to provide more accurate route planning that will consider the surface conditions and weather. Coupled with our development in the area of drone registration, route logging using blockchain technology and flights protected by smart contracts we believe we can create a UTM system that will be easily scalable, extremely well protected, and, most importantly, provide routes according to leading air traffic control standards.