DDB POD brand, logo and clusters.

Creative Technology Internship

When I joined DDB Sydney one of the things I wanted to do was get young technology thinkers into the agency.

Over the last year we’ve been working on getting this internship launched and finally we are ready.

The creative minds that are conceiving the DDB networks most highly awarded and effective work aren’t solely writer and art director creative teams. Technologists are at the heart of our work as the communication format, audience and creators have changed.

Creativity. The most powerful force in business.
Humanity. Insight into human nature, a base for great ideas.
Technology. Transcends product, idea and design.
DDB POD — Creativity + Humanity + Technology

DDB Launchpad becomes POD

Launchpad is a 3-month internship program that runs across fourteen offices of the DDB global network.

POD is part lab, part internship program

Starting in Sydney and spanning the DDB international network, this evolution sees the program expand from the original formula of a creative team to now include young technology thinkers.

POD Candidates

Eligible candidates for POD now include graduates and students of courses such as Information Technology, Computer Science Bachelor, Technology Masters or equivalent education programs.

We’re looking for Computer Scientists with a hacker mentality. You must be able to write code and create functional software, create prototypes to test ideas and interactions.

How does POD work?

POD will be the home for up to 4 ‘Communications Scientists’ at a time. Teams can range from 2 to 4 scientists. Each POD will operate as a petri-dish of cross discipline collaboration, with participants regularly mentored by DDB Creative & Technology Directors, university partner professors and industry professionals.

DDB POD — Creativity + Humanity + Technology clusters.
Connecting and clustering around an idea or a problem is how POD operates.

POD is the sum of cross discipline collaboration.

This collaboration along with the humanisation of technology can produce breakthrough solutions to huge problems. Connecting and clustering around an idea or a problem is how POD operates.

If you are a young technologist who wants to solve big problems, with radical technology solutions we have a place for you in DDB POD.

DDB POD — Logo

Apply here pod@syd.ddb.com and see the candidate description here.