D&AD — Sydney Opera House

D&AD 2016 Annual

For me D&AD has always been the most coveted award. It was the first annual I picked up in design school, constantly turning to it for inspiration and as the definitive guide for great design no matter the medium.

Every year there are so many innovative campaigns and services that I wish I had created. This year my work for the Sydney Opera House was recognised alongside the best digital and mobile work. It’s an honor to be recognised and also pulled out as a great example for mobile.

Thank you D&AD and thank you to our team that helped make this idea a reality.

D&AD 2016 — Designning for Mobile

An excerpt straight from the annual is below, written by Thea Frost.

While the world seems to be shouting about ‘mobile first’, too few agencies use the full range of possibilities that mobile phones have to offer (like real-time, location sensitive data, augmented reality, accelerometers and the like) to create distinctive, effective campaigns.
When we do, our work really connects.
DDB Sydney’s campaign for the Sydney Opera House is a great example. While the Opera House is the most instagrammed icon in Australia, only 1% of people who upload a photo of the building go inside. DDB’s social team launched the #comeonin campaign, which found people who had recently instagrammed the venue and sent a personalised video or photographic response, offering them exclusive experiences including a private tour of the concert hall.
It’s a great example of using social media and geolocation data to reach potential customers at the moment of intent. This flips how we understand location-based marketing, which is often bland, untargeted and unwanted. #comeonin shows us that we can be smarter than that and ultimately technology works best when it supports real-person, real-time experiences.

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And one of my favorites from New Zealand, DDB Auckland’s Unforgotten Soldiers.