The DDD Melbourne Crew — 2018

Ceola Flannery
DDD Melbourne
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2 min readApr 30, 2018


Some of the 2017 team

DDD Melbourne would not be possible without this amazing bunch of people. A huge amount of effort goes into the months leading up to and day of the conference. Meet our team…

Lars Klint — Overall Coordinator

Alex Mackey — Founder

Colin Scott — Registrations and Ticketing

William Tulloch — Money Man

Ceola Flannery — Diversity and Inclusion

Matt Birman — Design and Printing

Michelle Tan

Tien Phan — Website and Volunteer Coordinator

David Wengier — AV Coordinator

Leah Garret — Speaker Coordinator

Bron Thulke

Pranati Vyas — JuniorDev Coordinator

Ben Theunissen — JuniorDev Coordinator



Ceola Flannery
DDD Melbourne

Full Stack Developer, member of OzDev Inc and organiser of DDD Melbourne