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The DDD Melbourne Crew — 2018

Some of the 2017 team

DDD Melbourne would not be possible without this amazing bunch of people. A huge amount of effort goes into the months leading up to and day of the conference. Meet our team…

Lars Klint — Overall Coordinator

Alex Mackey — Founder

Colin Scott — Registrations and Ticketing

William Tulloch — Money Man

Ceola Flannery — Diversity and Inclusion

Matt Birman — Design and Printing

Michelle Tan

Tien Phan — Website and Volunteer Coordinator

David Wengier — AV Coordinator

Leah Garret — Speaker Coordinator

Bron Thulke

Pranati Vyas — JuniorDev Coordinator

Ben Theunissen — JuniorDev Coordinator




DDD Melbourne is an inclusive non-profit conference for the software community. Our goal is to create an approachable event that appeals to the whole community, especially people that don't normally get to attend or speak at conferences.

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Ceola Flannery

Ceola Flannery

Full Stack Developer, member of OzDev Inc and organiser of DDD Melbourne

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