“we can do a LOT” — what this means for DDD Melbourne 2018

DDD wave two tickets will be released on June 2nd! For those of you who have purchased a ticket previously, you’ll notice some changes — we’ve moved from Eventbrite to Tito, and ticket prices have been raised slightly!

DDD Melbourne is an inclusive non-profit conference for the software community — organised, and run, by developers, for you. We want the conference to be a welcoming environment for the whole community, especially those of us who don’t normally attend such events.

For years the ticket price has consistently been fifty dollars a head, but we know that with more funds we can make it an even better event! This year the ticket price is being raised to $79 dollars — and we want to explain to you where that extra money is going.

Larger Event (More Tickets!)

Every year it’s a mad scramble to get a ticket (personally I set an alarm on my phone) — this year we hope that less people will miss out as we will have more available tickets and a new venue that allows us to host more attendees.

A New Venue

We will be hosting DDD at Melbourne Town Hall, a more central location than our venue last year, making it easier for people to commute to the event. A bigger venue than the last few years allows us to increase the size of the event, meaning more people can attend!

Melbourne Town Hall is also easier to navigate — especially compared to a university campus — and we will have additional signage and Town Hall staff to point you in the right directions. This layout should also make it easier to network and get to know people.

AV and Live-streaming

Melbourne Town Hall does not come with projectors for our speakers, so we will have to hire AV equipment to help them out. With our larger budget, and hired AV equipment we hope to try recording and streaming (some, if not all!) our wonderful speakers, giving people who cannot be physically present the chance to catch the great talks given on the day.

Opportunity program

We want to encourage people from all walks of life to attend the event, including those who might not be able to make it due to their current financial circumstance. We hope to give back to the community by funding tickets that will give people who would otherwise miss out the opportunity to attend DDD.


This year we are keen to offer childcare to attendees. We’re working with our sponsor and the venue to get this sorted — difficulty finding proper childcare should not be a barrier that prevents you from coming to DDD!

Catering and Dietary requirements

Even though this is a tech conference, we want to be able to supply you with more than pizza — regardless of what you can or cannot eat!

Streamlining Registration

In the past registration has been a bottleneck for us, so this year we are trialing various things to attempt to speed up registration and get everyone ready to go faster. We’ve discussed mailing passes out to attendees, loot boxes, etc — we’re determined to make this smoother!

Mini events for the community

DDD by Night, DDD Ladies Networking Breakfast, Talk Topic Creation — these are some of the smaller events we hold and hope you will attend. For those who are worried about attending an event where everyone’s a stranger, these mini events are a great way to get to know people and feel the DDD atmosphere.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions (though we might not be able to implement all of them this year) and we hope that reading this makes you as excited as we are for DDD!

Thank you for your support, and hope to see you soon!