How to Get New Tokens listed on DDEX?

There are thousands of different ERC-20 tokens. Choosing which tokens to list on our exchange is a complex process — we are continually in search of strong projects with exciting and innovative tokens. Additionally, we want to offer tokens that our community is actively interested in trading. To allow strong projects to join the DDEX community and to help DDEX list potential tokens, we upgraded our new token listing request process.

DDEX’s Token Listing Guidelines

Before applying for a new token listing on DDEX, please read our official Token Listing Guidelines.

Token Listing Request Form

After you have read the guidelines, if you think your project is applicable for listing on DDEX — simply fill out our Listing Request Form.

If you have not heard back from us, please be patient and refrain from spamming our team members and social media!

Thank you for the feedback and support!

Best regards,

The DDEX Team

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