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Apr 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Count Down | Hydro API on Github

Dear Hydro and DDEX community,

We are excited to announce that The Hydro Protocol will be open-source on GitHub starting on April 27, 2018. We look forward to having talented developers contribute to open source and to federated liquidity pool on the top of the Hydro protocol.

For those interested in starting their own Hydro Protocol based relayer (which we are referring to as “Hydro Nodes”), we are now accepting Hydro Node 1.0 applications.

Hydro is a network layer protocol for high performance decentralized exchanges and marketplaces with built-in incentives for coordination.

The open-source code repositories will empower singular Hydro Nodes to quickly develop their own high-functioning decentralized relayers utilizing The Hydro Protocol. We will also provide Hydro Nodes with supplementary support from our team.

Additional decentralized relayers and marketplaces built on top of Hydro (as Nodes) provide support to the Hydro Protocol ecosystem and contribute to the steady growth of our federated liquidity pool. We have encountered many parties who have been interested in joining the federated liquidity pool to address liquidity sharing among various decentralized relayers since Day 1. If you are interested in starting a Hydro Node please contact us at bowen@ddex.io.

The majority of Hydro Protocol Tokens (HOT) is still frozen in the 1st contract address as per agreements with our investors. 40% of HOT tokens retained by the foundation will remain locked until the first Federated Liquidity Pool launches.

For those interested primarily in the market implications of HOT developments, this is an important detail. As our first FLP launches, the Hydro Protocol marketcap will simultaneously rise due to the additional circulating tokens.

Take a look at DDEX: https://ddex.io?scmedium

Join Hydro Telegram Group, DDEX Telegram Group

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Thank you very much for your support.

Best regards

The Hydro Protocol Team


Decentralized margin trading, spot trading, and lending. Powered by Hydro Protocol.


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DDEX is the first decentralized exchange built on Hydro Protocol technology, offering instant order matching with secure on-chain settlement. https://ddex.io/



Decentralized margin trading, spot trading, and lending. Powered by Hydro Protocol.

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