Introducing DDEX Wallet: Bringing Decentralized Trading To Mobile

Mobile Native Decentralized Exchange App for iOS and Android

Mobile native decentralized trading is here! We just released our mobile native trading apps for iOS and Android. Direct download links below:

App Store — iOS App

Google Play Store — Android App

We believe that in order for a decentralized ecosystem to truly flourish, the ability to buy and sell tokens must be a safe, simple, and completely natural process. It should not require extensive knowledge of complex blockchain principles: it should be as easy as a simple Venmo payment.

People don’t need to understand internet transport layer protocols to send emails. Similarly, they should not need to understand how to read a smart contract in order to trade: it should just work. The goal is to create simple, intuitive interfaces that allow people to do amazing things without requiring a huge prerequisite of technical knowledge.

With this in mind we set out to make the mobile trading experience as simple and intuitive as possible given the current state of technological limitations in the blockchain space. There is, naturally, still a great deal of room for improvement here — we are excited to continue to use new technology to advance the blockchain ecosystem.

Mobile First

In Western society it’s often easy to overlook the fact that mobile usage dwarfs computer usage in many countries. There is a vast amount of people across the globe that prefer mobile apps and interfaces to physical computers. Apps like Robinhood clearly exemplify the potential power and importance of mobile trading, as seen in their evaluation earlier this year.

In addition to better serving a global market, Cryptocurrency trading does not adhere to the traditional constraints of stock markets. The Crypto Market does not close everyday: it is truly 24/7 trading environment. For this type of constant market, the ability to easily follow and manage orders from a mobile device is crucial.

Learning From Mobile Wallets

It’s no surprise that mobile based digital wallets such as ImToken, Cipher, Toshi (now Coinbase Wallet), and Trust have seen so much activity lately. Three out of Four of these mobile wallets were recently acquired: Trust being acquired by Binance, and Cipher and Toshi acquired by Coinbase.

We have always considered mobile trading to be a high priority. One of the first major iterations we made to was to integrate our platform with these popular mobile wallet browsers.

DDEX on Trust Wallet

We learned a ton from working with these fantastic mobile wallet teams, and incorporated this knowledge into creating our own in-app mobile wallet: the DDEX Mobile Wallet.

The DDEX Mobile Wallet provides a seamless and secure trading experience, complete with in-app portfolio management. You can monitor, send, and receive your digital assets all within the DDEX Mobile Wallet — all with customizable realtime notifications.

Mobile Pioneering

We are one of the first decentralized applications to launch a complete mobile native app. Below are some of the key features that our mobile app offers:

  • Ability to send/receive tokens within the app
  • Receive push notifications when activity on your wallet occurs (customizable)
  • Completely non-custodial. You are in full control of your funds
  • Existing liquidity and trading volume — DDEX is consistently the #1 0x relayer by trading volume
  • Create a new wallet or import an existing wallet
  • Face ID recognition

These features comprise the core features we felt were must-have’s for the first version of our app. We are far from finished with development: we have much larger plans for the future of our app. Wallet Connect, Smart Notifications, Portfolio Overview, and more are coming in future iterations!

Professional, Simple Mobile Trading

Our goal in creating DDEX Wallet was to set a new, higher standard for the mobile decentralized exchange experience. We aim to provide a simpler, more intuitive mobile trading experience with liquid trading pairs and 24/7 customer support.

As always, we would love to hear any feedback, suggestions, or comments from the community. Thanks for reading, happy trading!

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