Dear DDEX supporters,

Since we officially started our open beta testing, we have made many improvements to the DDEX platform (with more to come!). We have seen a consistent flow of trades on DDEX during this initial phase, and we expect this volume to increase as new users continue to join our platform. To continue to bring new users to DDEX, we are announcing our New User Trading Rewards Program!

New User Trading Rewards Program

Our new user rewards program allows new users to earn rewards for every step they make towards completing their first transaction on DDEX. Our aim is to encourage new users to start trading on the platform while incentivizing regular engagement. It is our pleasure to walk new users through the basic steps of trading on DDEX. We will reward users with Hydro Protocol Tokens (HOT) for completing each of these tasks.

The program consists of four tasks:

  1. Install and Connect MetaMask on DDEX
  2. Wrap ETH
  3. Place and Enable a Sell Order
  4. Complete Your First Transaction

Go to, to start earning HOT now!


Install and connect your MetaMask wallet on DDEX to earn 5 HOT.

There is no lengthy registration process or personal information required to start trading on DDEX. Users can start trading using a MetaMask enabled browser right away.

Task 2


Wrap some ETH into WETH to earn 10 HOT.

In order to safely trade ETH for ERC20 tokens in a decentralized environment, users need to first “wrap” ETH into an ERC20 standard — DDEX uses the 0x protocol which utilizes WETH. This prevents the need to ever deposit ETH into the exchange. Simply click “Wrap ETH” in the bottom left corner of DDEX’s trading page.

Note that you can “unwrap” the WETH back into ETH at anytime, always at a 1:1 ratio.


Place and enable a sell order to earn 10 HOT.

Before trading a token for the first time on DDEX, you must first enable the 0x Smart Contract to interact with the tokens in your digital wallet.


Complete your first transaction on DDEX to earn 75 HOT!

Congratulations, you successfully completed your first transaction on DDEX! You have now completed all of the New User On Board Tasks. We hope your first trading experience was smooth, and look forward to seeing you more often on DDEX.

If you ever have any questions or feedback, we offer 24-hour a day customer support on our telegram channel and zendesk support site. We also encourage you to connect with our community on our subreddit!

Note: Distribution of the HOT earned from completing these tasks will begin on May 4, 2018. Eligible users will be receiving earned HOT shortly after the distribution starts. More detailed information will be published soon.

This new user trading rewards program is the first of many more to come. We will execute a referral program that allows users to refer peers to join DDEX community in the near future.

Go to DDEX:

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Join our official chat group on: Telegram

Thank you very much for your support.

Best regards

The DDEX Team


Decentralized margin trading, spot trading, and lending. Powered by Hydro Protocol.


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DDEX is the first decentralized exchange built on Hydro Protocol technology, offering instant order matching with secure on-chain settlement.



Decentralized margin trading, spot trading, and lending. Powered by Hydro Protocol.

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