3 Pressure Points to Instantly Relax

Have you ever had a therapeutic massage that took you to another world of relaxation?

One of the most intense sessions I ever experienced was only 10 minutes long. The reason it was so effective was the pressure points that were stimulated.

Massaging these pressure points yourself takes seconds, but can bring instant release from tension, and most importantly show your body you’re starting to take more care of it.

Your Hand

Take each hand in turn and place it flat on a table or desk. Press your fingers together, so they are not sprawled out.

Take the index finger of the other hand and press down on the fleshy, raised area between your thumb and index finger. Pulse the pressure for a few seconds.

This one is particularly good for headaches!

Your Shoulders

Raise both arms and reach to each shoulder. You’re looking for the bit where a handbag or messenger bag would rest. Press in with two or three fingers, pulsing the pressure and making little circles.

Your Eyebrows

With both index fingers, press in on the inner-most ends of the eyebrows. After a few seconds, and keeping the pressure, drag your fingers along to the other end of the eyebrow.