Set the alarm

The easiest changes to make in life are the simplest. The more basic you can make the habit, the more effective it will be.

With de.compress, we are fizzing away unnecessary stress. And one incredibly simple way to get used to being relaxed is to remind yourself.

Right now, set an alarm on your phone for the same time every day (early evening works best) and entitle it ‘Decompress’.

Every day, when the alarm goes off, drop and relax every muscle that you can. Let your arms droop, your head flop down, your whole body just hang wherever it likes.

Take a few deep breaths, then carry on with your evening.

What you’ll soon realise, is that every time you see the word ‘decompress’ (wherever it may be), you’ll be reminded to relax your muscles a little.

Protip: Aircrash Investigation may become a very relaxing TV show with all its mentions of decompression…