Meet The Correspondent’s Managing Editor: Eliza Anyangwe

Today, I’m delighted to share that we’ve found an amazing new colleague: Eliza Anyangwe will start as the new Managing Editor for The Correspondent as of June 2019.

As Managing Editor, Eliza will be vital in building our editorial team, helping correspondents determine and improve their journalistic agenda, and ensuring our journalism is delivered to you in the best possible way.

Her career so far has been the perfect preparation for what we hoped to find in a Managing Editor. She has been a writer for the CNN Africa team in London, where she practiced constructive journalism on a wide range of issues. She was commissioning editor for The Guardian, where she sought out and edited articles from authors all over the world.

She also founded The Nzinga Effect, a platform about African and afro-descendant women, to broaden the international media’s narrow view of the African continent. And most recently, she served as community organiser for The Bureau of Investigative Journalism‘s local collaborative reporting project, The Bureau Local.

Her resume makes for the perfect mix of knowledge, experience, and values we look for at The Correspondent.

She is critically aware of the shortcomings and blind spots of traditional news media. She has a diverse, international network within and outside the journalism world. She has worked together with local communities to harvest previously untapped knowledge and experience.

She recognizes the need for constructive journalism — reporting not just on the problem, but on what we can do about it as well. And last but not least, she has put her entrepreneurial spirit and ideals into practice by founding her own social enterprise, changing how stories about Africa are told.

As our Managing Editor, Eliza has set the bar high.

“The Correspondent’s approach to devolve power from the editors to the correspondents has the power to be truly transformative,’’ she says. “If we can build a team that reflects the world, by understanding ‘journalistic beats’ as transnational themes rather than issues that exist within geographic boundaries, by tapping into the knowledge and reach of our members, and by investing and experimenting with storytelling tools, we have an opportunity to forge a new kind of global journalism that is truly global, rather than chews the world down to convenient tropes and stereotypes for one audience.”

If you’re curious to read more about why she joined The Correspondent and what she hopes to achieve: you can read her full mission statement here.

On behalf of all of us: welcome to the team, Eliza!

Rob Wijnberg (1982) is the founding editor of The Correspondent, a journalism platform for Unbreaking News.

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