Dessert Pies, Ranked

  1. Buttermilk/vinegar/chess, but buttermilk is the best one. You can argue with me ONLY IF you have at least once served exactly one kind of pie (and no other desserts) at your birthday like I did with buttermilk pie.
  2. Sour/tart fruit pies, but mostly sour cherry or rhubarb (and if you argue for strawberry-rhubarb that pie better still be TART) and then I guess this sort of includes apple.
  3. Peach
  4. Sweet potato
  5. Blueberry and all other fruit pies

I am intrigued by this pie but have not tried it. I will consider ranking pecan if it is not too sweet/made with Karo, and anyone who thinks pumpkin deserves to be ranked in any way should not be allowed to publicly voice an opinion on anything.