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Identity & Non-identity [Eng. version]

– no matter what you are, it’s you

“Identity” isn’t something you wake up and see.

It’s not something you can use your vision to comprehend.

Because identity answers not only “Who am I?” but the essence of your true self. It goes deeper within your minds. It’s all the things you value; you hold those values as the source of your behaviors and decisions. This ranges from trivial matters to life-changing ones. This is what makes identity so full of life. Well, specifically, the details from it.

Thus, finding your identity isn’t some task you can get done in seconds. You need accumulation of moments that makes you you.

— The Painting of Life —



A piece of artwork needs many components, like lines, patterns and colors, to fulfill or complete it.

Identity is the same way.

The painter of our identity is us. We were all once amateurs who needed a lot of training to strengthen our art styles, and to make our work truly reflect us.

However, our identity canvases aren’t exclusively reserved for us to paint on alone. People around us, our environments and the events in our lives also get a hand on the paintbrush. They add colors to our canvases. Sometimes they do it rather aesthetically and sometimes they make a mess.

Just grip your paintbrush well and stay true to your style. If you don’t know what your identity is yet, then you, an amateur artist, have to become an experimental artist instead.

To create a masterpiece, one must experiment on a new method that’ll steer them away from the old direction. Try holding the brush differently to make new types of strokes. Try a new color combination to see if it works for you.

You’ll mess up sometimes and it might take longer than you think to find the method that feels right, but keep in mind that

Every step of that trial and error is going to be filled with your life and its beautiful details, which ultimately makes you the one and only you.

None of our artworks will be the same and that’s the beauty of it.

Of course not everyone will be satisfied with how theirs turn out, but their dissatisfaction doesn’t arise from the artwork itself because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We’re not satisfied because we judge our own identity.

Imagine a storybook told to various people. Some would say it’s fun and some would say it’s boring, right? But that wouldn’t change the fact that it’s the exact same story they all heard.

We are the one who decides whether or not “this story is impactful enough to change my life”.

In the same nature, our perspective on the Painting of Life itself is what defines its beauty.

Our lives don’t control how we perceive things. The power to indicate our acceptability, happiness or sadness is within our own hands, not anyone else’s.

Once we learn this secret, we can then give each of our experiences a more beautiful conclusion,

Because everyone can choose their canvas, pick a brush and paint. Make any type of lines and strokes you like. Mix in some more colors. Experiment with weird patterns to see if it suits your style. All in effort to create the most satisfying and beautiful painting to YOU.

The path of life is unique to everyone.

Some short — the destination is in sight

Some lengthy — it reaches the sky

Some winding — it confuses the traveler

Some bumpy — you need to be extra cautious every step of the way

Our paths are built solely for us.

That’s what makes them special and beautiful.

They possess the kind of beauty that’s far from perfection,

But that’s the charm of self-discovery.



If some of our readers are still wandering on a puzzling path of their own, please know that De Unknown crews are your fellow travelers.

We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to come learn more about and open your heart to the uniqueness of humankind along with us.

Today, we’re absolutely ecstatic to announce that we’ve reached the end of our beginning! We hope that our first series “Identity” has served its purpose of giving you more insights and deeper understanding of identity.

We’ll be back with more series that’ll take you on a journey across the globe to explore topics that are more delicate than you might initially perceive them to be.

See you then :-)

— De Unknown


Hector-Neri Castañeda. Individuation and Non-Identity: A New Look. American Philosophical Quarterly Vol. 12, №2 (Apr., 1975), pp. 131–140




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