Sailing into the sunshine? Why law firms float

In 2015, English barristers scratched their wigged heads when Gateley Plc., a UK-based law firm, became the first British law firm to go public. Over the last three years, its total market cap has doubled, and four more law firms held IPOs. What on earth is going on?

Dima Gadomsky🐸
Sep 30 · 15 min read

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The ‘Tesco Law’

Why go public?

Raising money on favorable terms

Getting ready to exit

For hype’s sake

Financing takeovers



Raising money for further development

Floating UK law firms

Clearing debts

Who invests in law firms?

Dream on!

Are Ukrainian law firms going to go public?

Dead Lawyers Society

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Dima Gadomsky🐸

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Dead Lawyers Society

Business. Law. Journalism

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