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Dead Poets Live

Photo by Ban Yido on Unsplash

Walking On My Dreams

Caught In A Limbo Of Barbed Wire

Behold my shoes and see me
How walking upon my dreams
Has bored jagged holes into my flesh
See stones, sharp, and slyly lodged
In the downside up of my feet
I tear with every step as I pave the streets
With strings noosed around my ankles
Clutched by leather, dark and aged
My soul caged I am limboed in anger confined
As I trample the path my ancestors never chose




Rilke, Whitman, Angelou, Clifton — inspiration and prompts

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Sylvia Wohlfarth

Sylvia Wohlfarth

An Irish-Nigerian soul living in Ireland after 40 years in Germany. A social anthropologist, English teacher, and more. With stories to share; and an opinion…

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