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Dead Poets Live

Weather’s Just One Example

Photo by Tandem X Visuals on Unsplash

In equatorial temperatures of vast summer
walkers take to the pavements unsure
sheltering outside by the old house
under great fans of elm & bent oak
listening for water
while sun rains down alone.
We straddle too many worlds
for months happy orchids praying for heat
soon wilting & wishing we hadn’t wished at all —
the old human story of the grass is greener.
Then we get what we want only to discover
it is not what we wanted only what we thought.
Weather is just one topic but you could
play the same tune on any set of keys —
iniquities of the mind a plague
on all our houses, while a winter hand
walks over a piano, as Rilke says, cold & heavy
‘as if plowing through deep drifts of snow’.

Copyright Simon Heathcote



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Simon Heathcote

Simon Heathcote

Psychotherapist writing on the human journey for some; irreverently for others; and poetry for myself; former newspaper editor.