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Oct 14 · 2 min read

Announcing BNS|25™

Dead Ramen Co, LLC and Matthew and Brittany Enterprises, LLC is happy to announce a year-long celebration BNS|25™ Beginning December 2019-December 2020 to honor the 25th anniversary of the birth of Brittany N Sparks (nèe Feulner).

Official BNS|25 Logo © Dead Ramen Co, LLC

Born in Phoenixville, Pa on the 28th of December. To commemorate the quarter of century birth year, both companies are launching a series of events, products and initiatives.

About Brittany N Sparks

Icon / Iconic Are just a few words that describe Brittany N Sparks (nèe Feulner)

Brittany Noel Sparks Born Brittany Feulner on December 28th in Phoenixville P.A. is an American Published Author, Business Woman, Gamer, Director, Animator, TV / Streaming Personality and Artist. Based in South Carolina for most of her career, Brittany has produced several Art Works and often juggling many projects at once. Brittany is the Founder of Dead Ramen Co, LLC & Non-Profit Organization Brittany Feulner Foundation as well as Chairwoman & Co-Founder of Matthew & Brittany Enterprises, LLC. Brittany made her directorial debut with the animated short film “Yue Tu” in March of 2018. Brittany is Married to Director & Filmmaker Matthew L Sparks.

About Dead Ramen Co, LLC

Dead Ramen Co, LLC, is an integrated mass media organization and recognized leader in independent global consumer product and entertainment. The company consists of a portfolio of businesses that create and deliver amazing original products and content to fans, customers and an audience worldwide. Dead Ramen Co, LLC is committed to bringing the best in what it offers with it’s renowned products The company is headquartered in Greenville, SC., with an office in Pennsylvania.

Dead Ramen Co, LLC operations are organized around the following business segments: Consumer Products and Mass Media/ Mass Media Production.

About Matthew & Brittany Enterprises, LLC

Matthew & Brittany Enterprises, LLC is a Diversified Corporation with core focus on Estate and Rights/Branding , Founded in 2011 and in its Current Form in 2016 by Matthew L Sparks & Brittany N Sparks.

Matthew & Brittany Enterprises, LLC Has 2 Main Core Focuses Brand & Rights & Estate

Matthew & Brittany Enterprises, LLC. owns rights with and to Matthew L Sparks & Brittany N Sparks (nèe Feulner) and also works as an estate including the right to grant commercial use of their name’s,(Matthew L Sparks®, Brittany N Sparks®, Brittany Feulner®) nicknames (Somberspaz™, Britibare™, Bludroid™ ), All images, likenesses, photographs & Video new and old along with descriptions, biography, supports, and other aspect of their identity, in relation with the distribution and exploitation of all types of products and services and activities of the persons of Matthew L Sparks & Brittany N Sparks (nèe Feulner).

Dead Ramen Co, LLC

Official News Publication of Dead Ramen Co, LLC

Dead Ramen Co, LLC

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Dead Ramen Co, LLC

Official News Publication of Dead Ramen Co, LLC

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