Dead Website Story #3: the first webzine. was one of the first internet startups that believed that the internet could be the medium for new interactive online magazines called webzines. This startup was founded in May 1995 by Stefanie Syman and Steven Johnson and started with a simple table with an Apple II. To say that you just need a little to start an internet venture. The founding team convinced some handful of published authors to contribute. Most of These contributors are now successful book writers, novelists, and web publishers. Persons like Sam Lipsyte, Wonkette’s Ana Marie Cox, media theorist Clay Shirky, New Yorker music critic Alex Ross, Talkingpointmemo’s Josh Marshall, and many others.

here is the front page of this webzine

and you can still connect with founders because they are still active online

steven Johnson founder of
Stefanie Syman co-founder of

It is sometimes difficult to find historical data of a dead website like I do with but the number of backlinks this website has can tell you that it was a quite successful web venture. here the data about this website that come from semrush

data about from semrush website stats analytics

If your today's success makes you not care about changes that are coming in the near and far future, know that some were more successful than you and they are now deep inside their spots in the online graveyards. There are many of them that were killed by not following search engines specifications about a new search algorithm update. Google is updating its ranking algorithm in May 2021 (google CWV ) and this will for sure change the dynamics of organic traffics promoting new online leaders and punishing those with bad user experiences. This update is about speed and volume of data transfer optimization and you have the time, tools, and expertise to meet the spec before it’s too late to act.

Get in touch with me if you need to meet the spec because we built an amazing tech stack that helps you get the job done better and faster by meeting all the requirements of this coming update.




History of the dead websites

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