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Deal With This…

Is Fu$! It A Spiritual Power?

I spend a lot of my time thinking about spiritual principals.

But lately, one question I’ve been asking myself is this:

For a few reasons:

  • When you just say “Fu41 It” you set your mind at ease
  • When you just think “Fu$! It” you stop trying to control the outcome
  • When you adopt the idea of “Fu$! It” you allow your spirit/intuition to lead you

To wrestle with this question, a few things I have done are recognizing that:

1. My personal peace of mind is not everyone’s peace of mind

I move in PEACE however, many people do not know what peace is and trying to communicate intelligently with such people is a NO WIN SITUATION. To preserve your peaceful state of mind and forward progress…Just say “Fu$! It”

  1. Being a spiritual person in a chaotic situation is too much

A chaotic situation can be an intimate relationship, a family situation, a job that you have at the moment. While working as a public school teacher. I used to see teachers in their car in the parking lot playing gospel music loudly, in order to prepare themselves for the inevitable chaos in the school building. Many people while in the driveway of their home they sit in the car…before going inside to deal with a chaotic spouse (that used to be me)

Saying “Fu@! It” puts things in perspective…a much needed perspective of IT IS TIME TO LEAVE

  1. Comparing the success of popular individual is useless…unrealistic
  2. The “successful people” have already mastered a skill over a period of time. Even in a spiritual practice…for example Sadhguru has decades of spiritual practice thus, comparing where you are with where you are is not practical
  3. Fu@! It…you can gain inspiration but, you must build from where you are and find peace in that, knowing that you are growing.

I think I have come to a solid conclusion. Saying “Fu$$ It” is spiritual power that removes doubt and ties one into a higher source of information. Sometimes it pays to just take a step back…”Fu$! It!”…then analyze the situation…later with a newly cleared mind.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you.

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Jassiri Nassor

I write about purpose and direction| Helping rebellious people seeking spiritual self awareness and growth| Educator 12 years