Dealspotr Brand / Influencer Marketplace — How to join, what are the benefits?

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What is Dealspotr?

Think of Dealspotr as the LinkedIn for shopping. We’re a new social network for discovering cool new products at the best possible price.

On Dealspotr, you’ll find innovative new startup brands — new companies from sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Amazon Launchpad, or ASOS Marketplace — who promote deals and discount codes on Dealspotr.

Many brands share exclusive deals which you can only find on Dealspotr.

You can easily follow the brands and influencers you like and get a personal feed of deals. You can even chat and interact with other members, like any other social network.

If you’re just looking for a promo code, Dealspotr has 4.5x more working codes than RetailMeNot or Honey. If you hate expired coupon codes, well that’s why we built Dealspotr. You’ll find more working discount codes with us, and often you’ll even find a higher discount on Dealspotr due to our superior coverage.

If you’re into sharing deals, you can become a Deal Editor and earn points and gift cards for finding today’s best deals and helping to curate our database of coupons. Just join as a shopper and start posting deals.

If you’re an e-commerce brand, claim your store page and start promoting your exclusive offers on Dealspotr and through our network of bloggers and influencers. Dealspotr is the most cost-effective and user-friendly way to run influencer marketing campaigns.

Why should I become an Influencer on Dealspotr?

There are many benefits to joining Dealspotr as an influencer.

  • Collaborate with awesome, innovative brands that your followers will love
  • When you promote any brand on Dealspotr, you get an exclusive ambassador discount code that unlocks a unique discount for your fans (more value for your readers)
  • 100% free to use. An always-on resource for collaboration opportunities.
  • Get up-front payments and free products for promoting brands. Payments are instant with no wait period.
  • Get a free listing in the Dealspotr influencer directory
  • Network with other influencers and directly with emerging brands

Collaborate with up-and-coming brands

On Dealspotr, we partner with innovative startup brands that are changing the way we shop and get things done. If you love Kickstarter or Indiegogo, or if you keep up with the latest startups on TechCrunch, you’ll love the brands on Dealspotr.

Just a few of the up-and-coming brands on Dealspotr

Connect directly with these brands on Dealspotr (just give them a follow) and you’ll be able to see their latest deals and get notifications when new promotional opportunities arise.

Get exclusive discount codes for your readers

On Dealspotr, every campaign you promote comes with a unique discount code that offers your followers an exclusive deal for the brand you’re promoting.

We even customize your code to your own brand. This way, you’re not only cluing your fans into a great new product or service, you’re offering them a discount they can’t get on other websites.

No monthly fees

There’s no monthly or subscription fee for using Dealspotr. You just register for free, fill out your profile, select which topics you’d like be to listed under, and browse Dealspotr for opportunities you like, or wait for invitations from brands. Only when a brand pays you for a completed promotion does Dealspotr add a 20% service fee. There are no other fees for using our service.

Dealspotr has a constant stream of new brands posting campaigns, so you can always check Dealspotr to find new promotional opportunities.

Instant up-front payments and free products

When you promote brands on Dealspotr, you earn up-front payments instantly. We hold funds from the brand in escrow until you have finalized your promotion and the brand has approved it. Once approved, your funds are released to your account for withdrawal via PayPal.

Get a free listing in the Dealspotr influencer directory

Dealspotr is visited by over 1 million users per month, and we have a highly active network of brands and influencers who participate in our network.

By joining as a influencer and verifying your account, you’ll get a free listing in our highly visible directory of influencers, in the categories of your choice.

Network directly with brands and influencers

Dealspotr is a social network like Instagram or Twitter where you can connect directly with marketers at e-commerce brands and other influencers.

You can find a wealth of helpful information about growing your social media presence on our network and forums. And you can message other members directly for advice or to discuss collaboration opportunities.

How do I get started?

Just register for free as a influencer here. You’ll then complete your profile and connect your social accounts. You’ll be able to start applying for campaigns straight away. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep updated with us.

Send us a note at so say hello or if you need any help.