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2 min readJun 21, 2020


Hi, I’m Dean, an Accessible Design Consultant who designs and inspires more accessible solutions

Dean stood outside, turned to the camera and smiling.

I have taken an interesting pathway to where I am today, but each role always had elements of problem-solving, and helping the end user. From, analysing and fixing problems for Rocket Scientists at the European Space Agency, through to designing apps for non-verbal people.

I turn technical decisions into human ones


If you or your company are looking for support in the areas of User Experience, or specifically need help with the accessibility of your digital products, then please reach out. I am available for work in The Netherlands, or remote.

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Clients include KLM, AirFrance, eBay, Miro, Adevinta, Skyscanner, Philips, Polestar, Coolblue, Europeana and AssistiveWare.


UX Talent award 2018 for the work done to introduce search to an app for non-verbal people, from the Aquent agency


Here are a few of the things that people have said about me, you can read more testimonials on LinkedIn.

He is one of the few designers that really changed my perspective on how I create my digital solutions, and especially for whom I do so.

“It’s not often that I cry at a conference talk, but I couldn’t help it, watching the story of how Dean’s work let a 7-year-old with severe autism communicate with her parents for the first time. Dean’s a professional, on a mission to give a voice to those who don’t have one in our society.”

His knowledge on accessibility and UX is beyond words. Dean helped us improving not only our digital products, but also our mindset on how we as designers can create products that take accessibility into account. He also knows how to approach this in big organisations and present this to business stakeholders by showing them that incorporating accessibility in the development can create more revenue.

Contact information

To contact me for more details, or to check my availability then email, dean@deanbirkett.name



Dean Birkett
Dean Birkett Design

Versatile, Senior-Level UX Designer on a mission to design and inspire more accessible solutions.