A list of upcoming and past talks.


There are no talks currently scheduled, if you would like me to speak either at in-person events, or online then please contact me.

I mainly talk about accessibility and user experience to design communities, or business leaders.


Accessibility for UX Designers, UX Athens

May 14th 2020

A remote presentation for UX Athens, sharing ways in which our designs can be made to include, rather than exclude.

Accessibility for UX Designers, Ironhack

April 9th 2020

Online presentation with workshop elements for a group of Ironhack students who are entering the industry.

KLM Accessibility, Google

November 14th 2019

This talk was given for the Google Accessibility Breakfast session in Amsterdam, where KLM, Lufthansa and spoke about their Accessibility journeys.

Accessibility for UX Designers, The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

November 9th 2017

As part of World Usability Day 2017: Inclusion through User Experience, this talk showed what we could do, as designers, to ensure that we remove as many barriers as possible.

Usability testing with AAC users

July — September 2017

This talk was given as part of role=drinks at a venue in Amsterdam, at the UNITiD agency in Rotterdam, and the Designhuis in Eindhoven. It shared my experience and challenges when performing usability testing with non-verbal people.

Introducing Search, Apple

March 17th 2017

Presenting a case study about the implementation of search to Apple, and Focuscura.

Accessible UX

September 2016

This talk was given at the Congrescentrum in Amsterdam, later repeated at Designhuis in Eindhoven. It introduced the topic of Accessibility to UX Designers, and detailed ways in which to bring it into the organisation.

Heuristic reviews of newspaper websites

September 16th 2014

I closed The European Libraries annual conference which took place at the OBA Amsterdam, sharing the findings of eight heuristic reviews, I also wrote more about one of these heuristic reviews.

Accessible Design

February 15th 2013

A lunchtime session for Europeana, located at The National Library of The Netherlands, The Hague.

Dean presenting in front of an audience, looking at the slide deck and pointing.
Presenting at UNITiD in Rotterdam




Removing barriers to include more people, with design solutions that benefit all.

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Dean Birkett

Dean Birkett

Versatile, Senior-Level UX Designer on a mission to design and inspire more accessible solutions.

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