Dean’s semi-definitive List of Product Management Podcasts & Books
Dean’s semi-definitive list of ProdMgmt Podcasts & Books

Dean’s Semi-Definitive List of Product Management Podcasts & Books

Dean Peters
Dean On Delivery
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4 min readJan 23, 2021


“When you stop going to school, you’ve only given-up on formal education. When you stop learning, you given-up on living.” ~ George L. Peters, Sr.

Not a week goes by now when I receive a request from an active or aspiring product person looking to up their product management game. I am both humbled and honored to respond with this semi-definitive, subjectively categorized, and stack-ranked mix of both recent and historic podcast and book titles whose collective influence has helped transform, evolve, and improve my understanding and practice of modern product management over the past two decades.

Let me know if you find any of these helpful as well.

Podcasts in 3 Categories that Count

Each of these three lists is ranked in order of my own recent listening preferences and download queues. Just for giggles, let’s quantify this highly opinionated enumeration along the lines of my personal preferences of content relevance, frequency of download, and sound quality … let’s arbitrarily set the ratio of influence at 40%-40%-20%. Of course, your mileage may vary.

FYI, the ‘*’ denotes podcasts offered by a Raliegh local. Way to represent y’all!

1 — Podcasts on the practice of product management

2 — Podcasts on building that perfect product culture

3 — Podcasts that touch on product leadership & value delivery

Books in 3 Categories of Equal Importance

Somewhat different than the above podcast lists, I’m going to set up each of these three categorical lists in a way that helps move one’s mindset away from doctrinal prescriptions of 1991 and more towards becoming a successful 2021 product practitioner of continuous discovery through continuous delivery as nature intended.

1 — Books that help you practice product management

2 — Books that help you build the right thing

3 — Books that help you build an effective product culture

As mentioned in the title, this is a semi-definitive list. So clearly, I would love y’all to leave comments of other titles you’ve found influential, helpful, transforming, and even fun.




Dean Peters
Dean On Delivery

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