The Gift of Bali

Bali, land of lushness and volcanoes. (Skitterphoto)

Behind the facade of yoga yuppies, EPLers (that’s Eat, Pray Lovers), voracious vegans and equally voracious party-goers, Real Bali reveals itself to those that dare to avail themselves with sincerity.

The thing is Bali reveals itself to you as a reflection of yourself either way. Sometimes, you will like what you see and sometimes you will not. The important thing is to look — full on, head on, turned on, curious.

Another perfect sunset. (Pixabay)

Mother Bali gives you exactly what you need — even if its what you least expect.


She gives kisses that sting, that itch, that burn, that nurture, that erupt, that heal. Some stay longer that they planned, some leave abruptly. Its all part of a Her grand plan. Most will never forget Her.

Bali revealed to me the wonders that I sought most, I feared most — and gave them to me anyway.

The beautiful terraced rice paddies, a sea of endless green. (Skitterphoto)

If I actually got what I’ve always wanted, then what more is there (?)

How would I identify myself as anything other than a“frustrated seeker” (?)

What excuse would I then have to not fulfill my purpose and potential if I was not always slightly disgruntled with life (?)

At least now I’m more aware of these questions…

The path unwinds. (Unsplash)

It was also fitting that my last week in Bali coincided with Galungan, one of the most important religious ceremonies on the Balinese calendar. It celebrates the triumph of Dharma over Adharma or the triumph of good over evil. It was a culmination of all that I had learnt, seen and accepted as gifts into my life along the path.

Balinese people prepare for days before, their elaborate offerings made from bamboo, woven palm leaves, fruit and flowers. I used to pass my neighbour everyday in that preparation week making the penjor — a beautifully decorated curved bamboo pole that is placed in front of every home during Galungan. He also happened to be mute, but his warmth and joy at creating something beautiful spoke volumes as I greeted him while he worked.

Penjor — Image courtesy of Denpasar Kota

As if the preparation for Galungan was not elaborate enough, you must know that beautiful offerings are made daily also — every single day of the year.

This little girl makes daily offerings called Canang Sari, made in the spirit (“Sari” or essence) of gratitude and loving attention to detail

That’s what I loved and admired most about the Balinese people — their intricate attention to detail, surrender and tribute to the natural and often unseen forces of life itself.

They take time to reveal beauty for beauty’s sake.

Most of all, I remembered that even though we have to be brave enough to look at the shadows, in the end light will indeed triumph over dark.

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