Goddamn Knights!!

It is 1996, in the middle-ages. And the goddamn knights are at it again.

Goddamn Knights!! is a point and click adventure game in which an unfortunately hillside-placed village must come together to stop the goddamn knights from reaching the top of the mountain.

Image from… the Internet.

… sure, it would be nice if the dragon at the top of the mountain was slain — and the prince does deserve to go home after being captured for so long — but the infrastructural damage the knights cause… well, it just makes it impossible to create a sustainable urban environment. Zero growth potential.


It is 1996, in the middle-ages. The Battle of Hastings just finished, but the one between Oasis and Blur is still undecided. Internet is about to break through, and the blacksmith keeps breaking swords instead of fixing them. Come again? Did you say you are looking for Pokémons? Or potions?

Basic premise

It takes a village. In Goddamn Knights!! it is your job as the newly appointed, and newly graduated, and newly arrived Head of Infrastructural Affairs to unify the village in stopping the knights. Even though the knights create enormous damage when they ride through, and almost never contribute to the local economy, the job is hard. Since you are, in almost all aspects, new — the villagers are quite skeptic of your presence (and overall existence).