A Message to the World

When I began writing online, I did not do so with a specific audience in mind. I just wrote, somewhat hoping anyone would read it. Now, we call that web-logging, or blogging to be short. It’s something that differs greatly from the how-to articles and opinion pieces around trending topics that dominate online content today.

It’s putting a message into a bottle and throwing it into the ocean. It’s what I call internet mindfulness.

This is my motivation behind the publication, Dear Internet .

Leave Your Message

Have something to say to the people of the Internet about the Internet? I’d love to help you share it.

Is there something about the Internet that people need to know? I’d love to help you share it.

Are you passionate about the Internet and want to write it a love letter? I’d love to help deliver it.

or, not….

It doesn’t matter, because I still intend to stuff my little logs into the giant ocean we call the net and send them out over Medium. I’d just love some company.

A Collective of Thoughts

The cool thing about the Internet is that you can receive messages just as easily as you can send them.

If you enjoy reading other writer’s insights on online culture, follow this publication. I am going to curate (share through the publication’s stream), stories that match this theme of internet mindfulness. If you follow along, you’ll probably start to see the internet in a whole new light.

To contribute to Dear Internet, send your draft url link to: jenn at freelancingamerica.com or tag your work Dear Internet and I’ll share it.

I look forward to logging with you.

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