Mom is so annoying

Dear Margot,

Let’s both start ignoring mom. I think there is something wrong with her. Maybe she needs to see like a brain doctor or something like that. I just don’t get why I have to do math, science, english, and other stuff every single day during break. I mean its WINTER BREAK for god’s sake. But that’s not the whole reason why I think she’s brain damaged. She loves to compare me to other kids. Today she was like, “see the neighbors kid is practicing piano”. (MAYBE SHE LIKES THE PIANO. CAUSE SOME PEOPLE DO!!!!!) She’s like the basic asian. She does not support me into doing anything I like, and she insist I be a computer engineer when I grow up. I’ll earn more money than her being a janitor and I promise that my house would not only have ONE room. Also, a tiny thing like dropping a bread crumb on the floor made her yell at me for a straight 10 minutes. My friends are SCARED of her. Whenever she comes people say, “uh oh, ur mom’s here”. And I’m like: “Don’t worry, she pretends around other people.” Today we watched movies. When we came back she said I had to do 50 math problems because she let me watch movies. ITS WINTER BREAK IM SUPPOSE TO WATCH MOVIES.

Mom told me “Asians are never in american films”. Well have you ever thought about the fact that asians are all too nerdy and they DON’T AUDITION for the movie, which makes it impossible for them to be in one? In my opinion, there’s enough computers in this room, we need some more entertainers. My friends say I can be a comedian.

Fidget spinner. (I have 4)

You know the kids who invented the fidget spinners are only in high school and they are like millionaires because of their fidget spinner invention? My friends and I should invent something. Any ideas?

Well that’s my rant for today. I had to get all my anger out of me. Give me some ideas on stuff that would make me rich.




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