Dear Lyra,

Happy 3 month birthday!

Oh boy have you been coming alive this month! Such a chatterbox!

You practice saying many more vowels sounds now: oo, ah, oh, ih, oi. Sometimes you vocalize with different inflections and it sounds like you are telling a very exciting adventure story! Your little voice is one of the nicest sounds I have ever heard and I can hardly wait to find out what you have to say!

You are also very active. When you are excited (or tired) you do a movement we call the Lyra Dance. You kick your legs like you are marching and flap your arms to the side alternating right and left. It’s adorable and exceptionally coordinated. You also love to stand, supporting your own weight while someone helps you balance. You are so strong and we’re a little worried this might mean you will walk early. You’ve also started enjoying tummy time, or at least not hating it. Although you may only see it as a time to practice rolling onto your back (which you manage without help about 25% of the time).

This month you had your first trips on airplanes. In the middle of the month we flew to Seattle to visit my family. You met your Uncle Ian, Cousin Ivy, Uncle Matt, Cousins Faye, and Auntie Tara. Tara ad libbed a version of “Start Spreading the News” that delighted you and all the rest of us; Ian and Ivy read you books; your Dad played soccer with you in a front carrier; and you shared lots of smiles with Faye.

A few weeks later, we met your Dad’s family in Spain. It was probably one of the biggest adventures of my life. I was so worried about how you would do on the two flights and long drive, but you were great! Once in Spain you met your Uncle Jon and Aunt Sally. Jon discovered that he could soothe you with his signature move: lunges, and Sally enjoyed lots of cuddles with you. To celebrate your Grandma and Grandpa’s birthdays we had a flamenco singer and a dancer preform at the house. You were absolutely captivated by them, hardly blinking during the entire dance. We also did a little bit of sight-seeing Iznajar, Malaga, and Granada, although you mostly slept in your stroller.

For me, the best thing about the trip was spending so much time with you and your Dad. I think he feels like he misses a lot because he works all day and only sees you for a few hours before and after. You’ve really started enjoying having books read to you and he reads you The Pout Pout Fish (with voices!) at least once every day. He’s almost got the whole thing memorized! You really seem to enjoy looking at the pictures and listening to the rhythmic story. He also lifts you high above his head like an airplane much to your delight.

This month marks the end of the “fourth trimester”. You have definitely grown from a newborn into a baby, and we are getting an idea of your temperament. You are in almost constant motion and you are still soothed most effectively by bouncing. You love staring at and “chatting” with people. You are adventurous and curious. You have a lot of trouble going to sleep and staying asleep.

We wonder how much of this will remain as you get older. We can hardly wait to find out!



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