Dear Lyra,

Happy 7 month birthday!

There has been a lot of change this month and you have really taken it all in stride. I love seeing how quickly you adapt and how curious you are about new people, things, and experiences. You delight in strange and unexpected things; a silly dance, a goofy face, or a strange noise will make you smile or giggle. Being tossed high into the air by your Dad makes you squeal with joy! It’s fascinating to see you develop a sense of normal and not-normal and it tickles me that you seem to prefer the not-normal.

This month I have been back at work and you’ve been spending your days with Molly. I can tell by the way you squeal when she arrives in the morning, and by the jolly grins you give her when she waves goodbye, that you two adore each other. She plays with you, sings you songs, and takes you on walks. She also helps out a lot around the house, which means that the time your Dad and I spend at home is fun and relaxing and not just a series of chores and errands. Although life still feels like a juggling act, and I often refer to us (you, me, your Dad, the dog, and all our gear) as “the Circus”, I no longer feel like were struggling just to keep up. Our weekends now tend to be full of excitement and chaos (trips to Seattle, and Sonoma, meals out, hikes on the beach), and I think we all recover a bit during the work week.

My favorite times now are our mornings before work. Sometime between 7:00 and 8:00 you wake up and start scooting around your crib and babbling. I get up and feed you while your Dad makes coffee. Then we all laze around the living room in our pajamas — playing and chatting and nibbling on toast — for about and hour and a half until you are ready for your morning nap. I have always loved lazy mornings and your Dad and I spent them much like this before you were born. But you have made them even more delicious. I savor this time every day.

Soon after your 6-month birthday we started letting you try eating a few solid foods. The first was a bit of mashed avocado, and it made you gag and then projectile vomit! After that we slowed down a bit and let you go at your own pace. You were more interested in squishing food with your hands and playing with the spoon, than putting any of it in your mouth. But slowly you’ve been gagging less and showing more interest in eating. You happily accept little bits of fruit, veggies, and carbs if we pop them into your mouth with our fingers. And your dexterity is improving quickly so that you can pick up little pieces and occasionally get them into your mouth. Your favorites are grapes and Cheerios. Ada loves to sit under your chair and wait for food to be dropped. I think it’s only a matter of time until you realize you can purposely drop food to her.

This month you figured out how to scoot around on your belly, or army crawl. I love seeing what interests you and where you go. I turn around and off you go to investigate some low shelf or blinking light. I feel you becoming more and more independent. It’s is wonderful (and liberating), but I have to admit it also makes me a little sad and nostalgic. It feels like yesterday you were a helpless little newborn and tomorrow we’ll be dropping you off at kindergarten. I had no idea this time would pass so quickly!



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