Tibetan racism against Indians; and lessons for Hindu-Muslim apartment leasing issues

A post from a friend who runs social businesses in Dharamshala, where the Tibetan government in exile is based

The Tibetan got away with simply an earful in this case. Had the author of this post been a Muslim and to make matters even worse, the Tibetan a Hindu, this story would have been all over the Indian media.

Calls of Islamophobia and rise of Hindutva ideology would have been ‘Breaking News’ across all English and Hindi channels that are headquartered in New Delhi.

On a recent visit to Jamshedpur, i saw atleast one society with a few hundred apartments which were Muslim only. I didn’t try asking for an apartment on rent, but the apartments were located in a nearly 100% Muslim area called ‘Mango’ (pronounced ‘Maa-n-go’). The apartment building had 3–4 loud speakers at the entrance itself, associated with the call to azan (the five-times a day Muslim call to prayer).

Even if some broadminded Muslim permitted leasing an apartment on rent to a Hindu (without a malicious idea of converting him/her to Islam), it would be impossible for him to remain sane with such blaring speakers in a residential area.

So. What’s the point of this post?

Firstly, that communities behave this way; they stereotype, unless the community in questions works actively to break those stereotypes. Do you not know of South-Indian ghettos in New Jersey? Some level of ghettoisation is expected when especially in migrating communities; and yet they must walk that extra mile to mingle with the rest and become one among them.

Second. Next time you hear a Jain samaj or another Hindu community refusing an apartment to a Muslim, please don’t call it Hindutva or Jain-utva and use it to bash the Hindu community— recall this post and let the media know that even Buddhist Tibetans in exile in India behave the same way.

And remember that Muslim communities are almost intolerant of any other religion living amongst them; it’s against basic tenets of Islam to respect other religions; Quran and Hadees define in detail how to convert non-Muslims living in Islamic states, and if they do not, how to tolerate them while imposing Jiziya (non-Muslim tax) on them.

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