5 candles

I looked into the light of 5 candles

and saw the memory

of your face

staring back at me.

I looked into the light of 5 candles

remembering how

softly and sweetly,

they danced pirouettes in your eyes.

And when I told you

how beautiful you looked

in such candlelight,

you blushed, looked away.

We were so vulnerable

sitting there that night,

apologising through

the blending of our eyes and lips.

And now the melting of jasmine oil

caresses my nose,

and fills the air

I once shared with you.

The steam is all around me

humid and comforting

it hugs my body,

the way you once did.

But it also chokes me

makes me wrinkle my nose,

how can something that calms me so

be the one that steals my breaths?

So I lay here

gazing into the light of 5 candles


do you see me, too?

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