The Types of Women That Get Cheated On (Part 4)

A Persona 5 Message

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Haru Okumura

Of all the girlfriends you’ve had, Haru is the by the books definition of wife material. She has plain fashion sense, which sometimes covers her exceptionally attractive features. She’s the daughter of a fast food chain mogul, yet she lives as humbly as a decent earning person.

She is devoted in caring for her loved ones, but she’s never redundantly assertive. Among all her great characteristics, her tenderness is what stole your heart.

You two first met when one day you saw her struggling to carry a sack of fertilizers out of a gardening store. The gentleman that you are, you offered to carry it around for her until she got a taxi. She was extremely grateful and tried to pay you, but you declined. That impressed her even more.

As you waited for the taxi, you two couldn’t stop talking. It was apparent that you have quite good compatibility both in hobbies and beliefs. Because of this, it was only natural that you would want to meet her again. You politely asked for her number and she said she was waiting for you to ask.

You went to several dates after that. You went to book stores, parks, and gardens. You also went around to taste test some of the coffee shops around town. The way you held hands in public, there was no doubt you two were in love. You might have even told her that once or twice already.

It was only after she invited you home that you found out about her family’s wealth. You were amused, but made no big deal about it. To her, your reaction was both priceless and genuine.

“Thank you for loving me for who I am” she said.

You hugged her, then she kissed you. She didn’t want to invite you to her room, but she wanted you to take her home. So you did. Needless to say, you had a passionately romantic evening to yourselves. She was ecstatic the whole night.

For you, well, for you it was alright.

Following that day, most of your time together were spent at home. You were either at your place brewing coffee together, or at their mansion tending her backyard garden. You enjoyed the first few weeks having that kind of predictability and comfort. But months went on and comfort became ordinary. And after a year ordinary turned to boredom.

Normally, you’re able to fight boredom alone. But you’ve never been this bored when in comes to sex too. “She’s just not good in bed” your mind keeps telling you. And you didn’t evenbother fighting it.

Sadayo Kawakami

During your monotonous activities with Haru that seemed to you like playing husband and wife all too soon, you began wondering about the possibilities of having a more exciting relationship, preferably with someone else. It was then that you came across Tinder.

You made a profile quickly, almost in a hurry even. You read blogs on how to make your tinder profile stand out. Based on what you read, you meticulously handpicked the pictures you’re going to feature. In just about thirty minutes, your profile was ready, before Haru even finished taking a bath.

During the next couple of days, you’ve got dozens of matches. You were thrilled. Who wouldn’t swipe right at a mystifying, leather-clad villain-looking twenty-something wearing a phantom of the opera mask?

Becky sure didn’t. She was wearing an eye-catching maid costume herself. And with just a few witty messages sent, you’re going to meet her soon.

Of course you did.

Your date was a little awkward at first. Becky confessed that she is actually trying to be an online hooker, and you are supposed to be her first catch. She initially thought of you as an easy target and a potential generous customer, but since it’s her first time, she couldn’t hold the act together. To lighten her up, you said she’s so sexy that if she needs the money that much, you’re actually willing to pay.

Midway through your day, you guys started warming up to each other. What could have been a straightforward mindless sexual exchange turned into a spontaneous adventure throughout the city. You went to eat in a fancy sushi house, went to a museum of her liking, and tried several rides in the nearest theme park.

You couldn’t remember the last time you had this much fun with Haru even if you tried.

You were both so tired that you punctuated the day with a heartfelt conversation about your lives. In your room of course, where else? You learned that her real name is Sadayo Kawakami, and that she’s a college professor in the university you were supposed to transfer to. She only tried this Becky gig because she’s struggling to make ends meet.

You offered her the money she would otherwise have earned had the transaction between you two was actually consummated. She shamefully accepted. She said she didn’t mind to give you a massage in exchange for your generosity, but nothing more than that.

Yeah, “nothing more than that”.

In the end, when a man and a woman are in bed together, it’s hard to fight nature’s impulses. One thing lead to another and before you know it, she was relentlessly calling you “master” all night long.

It was the kind of night that you were dreaming of.

You weren’t careful with your words and you never even thought of the fine woman that you already have in your life. There’s no turning back now.

You can’t hide this forever, even the Metaverse couldn’t be kept secret. No one’s going to come to steal your heart, because you have none at all, you cheating fuck. Everything will come crashing down on you, and you’ll be buried under the ruins of your own palace.

No more congratulations for you phantom fucker. No more chocolates on Valentine’s Day too.

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