Photo by Lili Kibel

Dear President Trump

“I am sorry, I can’t offer you the visa.’’ “Well, but can you tell me why?” “ No, you are just being rejected. Next please!” The lady in front of me just got rejected by the U.S. officer in China. She may never have the chance to go to America and she knows that she can’t do anything about it. This scene happens every day in the embassy of the United States in China and nobody knows exactly why they are being rejected. I wonder if this is because of your strict immigration policy that leads to a lot of foreigners failing to accomplish their American dreams.

The day that you were elected President of the United States, I was shocked as well as the rest of the world. Living in China is like living in bubble. However, I still want to use my own strength to let you hear the voice of different people, of the people who really care about this country. There is no doubt that all your policies start with a very strong goal to make America great again. It should be exhilarating for Americans to see their president with such strong determination. However, the way that you carry out all these policies seems too aggressive and you come off as a crazy president who puts no consideration into keeping your promises.

Kurt Hull, an accounting professor in El Camino College, says we need a fair immigration policy: “The whole country is based on immigration, going back to the beginning of the history. On one side of the political aisle, they say they want to throw all these immigrants out. But what you will not hear from is the big business. They don’t want that to happen. Where are the employees from the low- level job going to come from? With highly technical jobs, this country is not producing enough American people to fill those job so those jobs need to be filled by foreigners.”

This related to the H1-B policy that you want to cut down. According to Bloomberg, these companies tend to pay H-1B workers $65,000 to $75,000 a year. Nearly 70% of all H-1B visas go to Indian workers. They may soon be out of the workforce and this will have bad effects to the economy. It is also a ridiculous idea to build walls on the Mexican Border and to make the Mexicans pay for the border. “This idea that we are going to build a wall and keep people out is just stupid because people will climb over it or they will climb under it if they wanna get some place.” Kurt said. Have you ever thought of one day when there were no Mexicans in America? It is adequate to have limits on legal immigration and to keep everything under control. But this should be done in a smart way and not by building fortifications along the border. The change should start inside of the country by elaborating clever laws that cannot be twisted by the big lawyers and reinforce the whole immigration structure. Don’t let the people who are waiting in line to leave the line and come to this country illegally.

You’ve also decided to increase the military expenditure for the country to secure the country. Again, you start it with a very good goal but you’ve gone so far. “In the United States, we have 320 million people and we all pay taxes(corporation pay taxes) and a large percentage of those taxes go to fund wars. We spent a lot of money on the military, trying to solve problems or starting problems all around the world.’’ Kurt said. He feels like he can’t even talk about that in the public since people will think that he is unpatriotic. Of course, you should strengthen the military force but the extra money you spend on that can be used for health care so that in the largely Republican state, the number of people who vote for you won’t be losing their healthcare coverage.

You get four years to realize what are the real challenges facing the Americans and do the right things. “ We have to give him time and we are here wait and watch him.’’ said Doreen, who works for the county in downtown LA.

Half of the Americans may not think you are a perfect choice, but they are all here to watch you; hoping you make the right choice for them and truly lead this country to become great again.


Ellen Wu