I know a few conservative friends for whom the Affordable Care Act was a big bother — small business people who either had to pay a significant sum of money, go through a whole bunch of bureaucratic rigamarole, or both, in order to be in compliance with the law.

It seems logically plausible, and factually likely, that the A.C.A. saved lives (although there is some conflicting evidence), and it is certainly helped millions of people get health insurance that otherwise would not have it. Even many conservatives advocate for universal coverage as promoting more economic freedom. Given that, what is the argument for repeal, especially without a concrete replacement? Even if the so-called “free market” could better handle the uninsured (which I doubt — I’m for Medicare for All single-payer), isn’t the tradeoff of even potential lives saved in exchange for a decrease in disposable income and an increase in personal annoyance worth it, at least until a better plan is vetted?