The Chocolate Girl’s Guide to Everything: Living Single, A Redux

After completing the post and corresponding podcast for Living Single, it felt like something was missing. Like I needed to dig a little deeper, and with that came the idea of doing a Single Ladies Panel. I wanted a group of at least 4 ladies, all with a story to tell, and for them to be someone I knew, even if they were merely an associate. So I did what any millennial would do…I went to FB, posted a status, and waited. The response wasn’t overwhelming, but people were interested. And after about an hour, I had narrowed it down to about 8 women that were serious about participating.

So of course, now that I knew this was something I could actually do, I set to work coming up with discussion topics and questions. After coming up with a list, I tagged all the women I thought were serious in a status so that we could come up with a time that worked for everyone, as well as to let them know the details(i.e. They would need Google hangouts since I couldn’t use my regular long distance recording method due to it being more than one person, how the invites worked, etc.) All of them agreed upon the time I had suggested, and the deed was done.

The day finally came, and when I woke up that morning, I inboxed each panelist on FB. Just a short and sweet reminder of the time of the panel, that the link would be sent via email, and that they needed to download hangouts if they were using their phone or tablet. And when the time finally rolled around, I sent the link, AND a message saying that I sent the link. What I’m getting at is: I went out of my way to ensure the process was as easy as possible, and only 2 of the 8 women actually participated. And I’m not trying to complain…well honestly I am.

I can say that the 2 lady panel went quite well. Both panelists were intelligent, articulate, beautiful ladies, who were a little reserved at first, but opened up and gave their full, honest opinions on all the topics. I am very happy with the results, and am optimistic that the male panel will have a decent turn out. From what I’ve gathered from FB, I have the same amount of men interested in participating as of now, so we’ll see how many actually show up when the time comes.

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